Organic – is it just business or the first step to your health?

Organic food is becoming more and more popular. The sections with organic food in supermarkets grow bigger and in some countries there are even all organic supermarkets. However, even though the popularity is rising, scientists keep arguing whether organic food actually contains more nutrients than conventional food and whether they are better for us. Oftentimes […]

Hummus (3+4)

Very few foods which come from the middle east are so well known like hummus. It is a perfect spread, which you can prepare very quickly and you’ll love it. If you want to try out some other variations of it, then go ahead and try one of the versions shown in the video below. […]

5 reasons why you should avoid processed foods

In my practice I mainly use foods to treat diseases. However, it is also the food, which very often cause the sickness (among other factors). Drugs and pills then usually just suppress the symptoms but they don’t treat the cause. Disease can afterwards repeat or more serious problems can arise after some time. However, besides […]

Pull apart cinnamon bread

  Looks delicious and it is delicious! Amazing bread with cinnamon flavor, no more words needed! This is just a translation. You can find the original recipe (in czech) here. Ingredients: The dough: 290 g all-purpose flour 40 g powdered sugar 5 g dried yeast 60 g butter 80 g milk 60 ml water (it might […]

Gram Flour Bread (3+4)

The gram flour bread is much more nutritious and has a very different taste in comparison to regular breads. I like baking it, because the preparation is much easier and also relatively faster compared to other kinds of bread. When preparing it you can also experiment with different herbs as well. Gram flour can be […]

Gram flour butter cookies (3+4)

If you like butter flavor then this is the perfect recipe for you. Common butter cookies are great but the ones from chickpea flour are even better. They are amazingly soft and ready just in few minutes. Ingredients: 250 g chickpea flour 200 g brown sugar 150 g butter 3 egg yolks 2 tsp baking […]

Falafel (3+4)

I found this wonderful recipe on Falafel comes from Persian cuisine which is one of my favorites. Falafel is usually deep fried but this recipe is a baked version of it. You can have falafel either as a main meal or just as an appetizer. Most commonly it is served in pita bread with […]

Roasted chickpea (3+4)

If you haven’t had the chance to try roasted chickpea yet, then you should try it as soon as possible! It is a delicious snack after a meal, and the preparation is super simple. Roasted chickpea can also very easily be combined with almost any kind of spice, so you can experiment with different spices […]

Pumpkin Soup with Roasted Pumpkin Seeds (4+5)

With the coming of the colorful autumn also starts the season of pumpkins. Therefore I’d like to share a recipe for pumpkin soup which we prepare regularly during this time of the year. The soup itself is done in 30 minutes. We will use up the entire pumpkin including the seeds. It tastes amazing with olive […]