“Treat disease first of all through diet…“


Its goal is to restore your health by the most natural way and feel good again.

You can recover, even if your body has been suppressed by strong medications or practices that treat symptoms instead of the causes of sickness.

It is the treatment of symptoms instead of cause that is often the reason why you cannot fully recover. The feeling of relief is not coming and your health state isn’t getting any better or gets even worse.

With the right choice of foods or change of habits you can treat directly the cause of problems, which is an imbalance in the body.

Specifically you can treat problems like: digestive issues, overweight, allergies, thyroid disorders, menopause, sleep issues, problems connected with stress, skin, breathing, blood disorders, back and joint aches, headaches etc.

Food plan

Should be individual, natural, seasonal and should offer a wide variety. Yours will be exactly like that.

Your story interests me

Physical illness often reflects mental state. Any long-term discomfort, stress or negative emotions affect you. Sometimes you only need to make small changes for big improvements.

Natural path to health

If you choose foods correctly, you can become healthy. I will help you find the right path to recovery.

I respect your uniqueness

Everyone is different. We have different needs and lifestyle. This applies even to nutrition, especially if we fall ill. During therapy I take these differences into consideration.

I search for the cause

Pain, illness and other symptoms are warning signals. Your body is saying that something is not right. However, the source of health problems is usually somewhere else. I will help you to remove it, so that you can heal completely.

It’s simple

Do you want to lose weight? Don’t worry. You don’t have to weigh each food to see if you’re still in the daily limit or not. We will not be counting any calories, carbohydrates, fats or proteins.

Articles and recipes

Organic – is it just business or the first step to your health?

Organic food is becoming more and more popular. The sections with organic food in supermarkets grow bigger and in some countries there are even all organic supermarkets. However, even though the popularity is rising, scientists keep arguing whether organic food actually contains more nutrients than conventional food and whether they are better for us. Oftentimes […]

Hummus (3+4)

Very few foods which come from the middle east are so well known like hummus. It is a perfect spread, which you can prepare very quickly and you’ll love it. If you want to try out some other variations of it, then go ahead and try one of the versions shown in the video below. […]

5 reasons why you should avoid processed foods

In my practice I mainly use foods to treat diseases. However, it is also the food, which very often cause the sickness (among other factors). Drugs and pills then usually just suppress the symptoms but they don’t treat the cause. Disease can afterwards repeat or more serious problems can arise after some time. However, besides […]

Pull apart cinnamon bread

  Looks delicious and it is delicious! Amazing bread with cinnamon flavor, no more words needed! This is just a translation. You can find the original recipe (in czech) here. Ingredients: The dough: 290 g all-purpose flour 40 g powdered sugar 5 g dried yeast 60 g butter 80 g milk 60 ml water (it might […]